Violence in our world

Violence is extremely prevalent in our modern world. In fact, we are so accustomed to it that  we have begun to accept it as an everyday occurrence.  We see stories of murder and armed robbery. We get visual feedback from the stories.

Our children are exposed to it from an early age and they get the message that it is the norm. They then become like us.

The process repeats itself over and over. 

A Huffington Post article  titled “Multiple Journalists Shot Dead In Egypt Violence”. While the article does not give a definitive number of casualties,  the article states that a reporter from Al Jazeera counted “94 bodies” at a hospital.

Apparently the violence was started to stop people from protesting the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi. Journalists were either killed beaten or wounded.

It is strange that this news was reported as if it was to be expected.

Regardless of that, it was an inhumane act upon individuals who function as watchdogs of governments such as this.  An act that should have provoked greater outrage among the countries of the journalists that were affected. However, it is seen  as everyday news, not even seen as murder.

A Sky News article addresses the violence in Sri Lanka. It talks  about the prime ministers of Canada and India refusing to attend the Commonwealth Summit and continues to say that campaigners believed David Cameron should have acted to prevent Sri Lanka from hosting the meeting.

Instead  Cameron, the UK PM should have attacked Sri Lanka for their crimes on civilians  in 2009. This could be a positive step towards recognizing violence for what it is, rather than accepting it. If we can convince ourselves that we have been desensitized from violence, then we can convince ourselves to do something about it.


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